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Experience the thrill of a jumping tarpon!Tarpon can be found in south Florida year round. The tarpon that we refer to here are the migratory schools of big fish. The migratory fish start showing up as early as late February. Optimal months for a better chance of an encounter would be March, April, and May. June can be productive. Most of it depends upon water temperature. These fish range from sixty to over one hundred and fifty pounds.

After a long battle this big tarpon is ready to be released.Tarpon will produce a very powerful, strong run and then leap in the air most likely more than once. They will tail walk and somersault. Their behavior after a hookup may be totally unpredictable. For a novice, the fight can be an overwhelming experience. But you don't need to worry. I will be there with you at every crank of the reel. I have helped hundreds of rookies knock down their first hundred pounder in short order. There are many techniques to use while you are fighting a tarpon, and I will give you every advantage.

We use different methods for catching tarpon. We use flies, plugs, jigs, live bait and cut bait. All of these methods are effective. Sometimes one method is better than the other. Weather and situation may sometimes affect the final decision. They come into our area to feed on the large schools of thread herring, mullet and sardines. Tarpon at this time are getting ready to spawn. You will find tarpon offshore, along the beaches or lying quietly in silent bays. It is my job to figure out what method to use and where to go.

Here's a nice tarpon caught aboard Pinocchio.I have all the tackle that you will need for tarpon. I like to use larger spinning outfits with twenty five-pound test lines. It is easier on the angler and healthier for the fish. A fast picture and clean release of the fish insures a healthy future for the tarpon.

When we are stalking tarpon with a flyrod, anglers will use one of my twelve weight rods. We will pole into silent shallow bays and try to sight fish for "laid up" tarpon. These are fish that you can see laying high in the water or resting on the bottom. Sometimes the fish will roll within casting range. Either way, a well placed cast will many times result in an explosion of one hundred pounds of silver fury. Call me in advance. Tarpon season books up in a hurry.


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