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Here a mother and daughter tag team a redfish.Redfish are available year round. They are less sensitive to cooler water so they are more prolific in the winter months. In the winter, the water regains clarity and sight fishing for them is a treat.

Redfish are true bulldogs. They are capable of fast runs with unmatched power. They will attack anything that a snook will and often hang out in the same places as snook. They are not as picky about moving water so you may find them in very shallow slow moving bays. They will sometimes show you their back or tail. A well placed fly or jig is a sure bet in such a scenario.

Redfish are prime targets with a fly rod.The end of August through November usually brings in larger school fish. You may find them spawning in passes from Naples throughout the islands. It is not uncommon to find a school and literally hurt your elbows from catching redfish. You will most likely catch a snook, trout or jack while trying to catch a redfish. We use the same gear for spinfishing and flyfishing that we use for snook.

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